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  • Mobile phone designers - go outdoors and get a suntan

    Following the demise of my very first Microsoft mobile phone, and three days of compassionate leave, I decided it was time to wipe the tears and continue to live on. It's time to forget the days of old and look ahead to the future of new toys. The problem is, the phone ruptured at approximately 1 year 3 months after purchase (there was a ...
    Posted to Electronic Hardware (Forum) by icelava on April 22, 2007
  • OneCare doesn't care to tell me WHAT either

    like the old saying, ''Like Father Like Son'', it seems the consumer family of Windows software also inherit the sheer unwillingness to share any information resembling usefulness to work and solve problems. Testing out Windows Live OneCare has been a walk with a blindfold at best. And trying to see what the web site has to offer is an attempt ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on April 16, 2007
  • even IIS succumbs to the easy excuse

    So after offering the electron gods a few drops of my blood and sacrificing my sleeping hours, the overnight installation I performed at home went through fine. This post is powered by Windows Vista. But funny how within a short span of time lesser than 24 hours I get the user experience in all the negative ways. IIS 7.0, the next ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on February 6, 2007
  • Cannot work? then tell me WHAT and WHY

    So sad considering just a couple of days ago I was impressed with the locked screen of Windows Vista. Now what's up with this operating system, you ask? Well, my company laptop is throwing tantrums again. This insufferable hardware continues to run the CPU to the ground with successive processes, preventing me from doing any productive work. I ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on February 6, 2007
  • Designers are _selfish_ people

    or else how would they continually produce hardware that have simply no consideration for its forseeable neighbouring devices? This year's MVP gift is an assortment of leatherizer executive items, a hard-case gift box, containing a laser pointer pen, name card holder, and the 1GB thumb drive picture above. Elegant to look at, no doubt. ...
    Posted to Electronic Hardware (Forum) by icelava on January 15, 2007
  • Just how much usability testing does the Outlook team conduct?

    Apparently not much when it comes to letting people organise their mail display in a neater way. Moral of the story: It is not just users disliking horizontal scrolling, even developers don't like to program some functionality for that too. Flatten everything you have in your hierarchy, long live the scroll wheel.
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on January 11, 2007
  • I am NOT using Live toolbar for IE

    I think Microsoft has alot of things going for it with the Live search services. They have improved quite well for me to use it in conjunction with Google; but not to the point of completely forsaking Google yet. One thing I am certainly not going to do is put the Windows Live Toolbar onto Internet Explorer. Why? This is a feature with ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on December 27, 2006
  • Laptop designers: humans have hands by their _sides_

    I believe computers, and by evolutionary extension - laptops, are designed to be used by homo sapiens. You know, that annoying species of hairless apes. So judging by the anatomy of the intended users, why can designers think it is ok to place insertion slots and jacks all by the sides? When those are the places where people tend to put their ...
    Posted to Electronic Hardware (Forum) by icelava on August 13, 2005
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