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  • WWW = World Wide Wastage

    Welcome 2009! Or to be more specific, Q2 2009! That's right, nearly a decade into the twenty-first century, and loving every moment of technological advancement we have developed and enjoyed for ourselves. In this topic particularly, how we have mind-shifted from boxy 4:3 CRT monitors into smashing 16:10 widescreen LCD goodness. All the more ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on March 16, 2009
  • Copy and Paste? Copy and WAIT

    I am a software developer. I know what the complexities of writing software can be. It is really hard sometimes. But, there are still incidents that just boggle me. Why? Why oh why, does it take indefinitely to copy a 406 byte file from a hard disk to a thumb drive? How can the operating system continue to subject itself to be held hostage in ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on January 25, 2009
  • Episode 2

    Hi again! This is your show host, icelava, taking you into yet another exciting round of Blindingly Simple Ways to Waste Windows Explorer! This episode, we explore (pun intended) the habits of tech geeks who grave addictions for possessing a dozen different storage devices to keep all his crucial important files in life handy, available, and ...
    Posted to Curse Diary (Forum) by icelava on April 29, 2008
  • Windows Live Installer stuck at 99% downloaded

    The great addage ''don't fix what is not broken'' often goes unheeded. The guilty ones include Microsoft. With the newer version of Windows Live Messenger floating around now, I had to go about upgrading three of possible computers I'd use Messenger with. Instead of providing the usual MSI package for download and installation, the site only ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on April 3, 2008
  • Pre-release is for the masochist

    Dealing with software, real actual released, gone into production, gone live, working software, is a serious pain. Both as a user as well as a developer, I experience both sides of the coin and most certainly understand and empathise either. I know of the unsurmountable challenge of delivering software that works robustly within unreasonable ...
    Posted to Curse Diary (Forum) by icelava on December 18, 2007
  • 99-hit combo

    How is it that I frequently encounter chains of problems that arise out of the simplest of activities that stop me dead in my tracks trying to do my work? Seems like all these bugs all lie in wait to synchronise their actions and achieve a larger concerted effect to increase my suffering. What is the latest way to disable Windows Vista? Simple - ...
    Posted to Curse Diary (Forum) by icelava on November 21, 2007
  • Windows OneCare 2: No, just let me touch it!

    So i've been testing out Windows Live beta version of OneCare 2 for a couple of months now; had always wanted to know how a security product can drag my shiny new desktop to its knees. The good part is, I don't notice a servere performance hit. The stupid part is, though, when I try to configure its anti-virus settings to exclude some files for ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on August 13, 2007
  • Self-updating software

    Amazing. Pure genius. One of the wonders of software technology these days is the wizardry architectures that allow software to discover and apply updates to themselves. Thereby incrementally making the software (hopefully) better. However, designing such self-help software is no easy feat. As Skillsoft's Course Manager demonstrates how to shoot ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on April 30, 2007
  • Mobile phone designers - go outdoors and get a suntan

    Following the demise of my very first Microsoft mobile phone, and three days of compassionate leave, I decided it was time to wipe the tears and continue to live on. It's time to forget the days of old and look ahead to the future of new toys. The problem is, the phone ruptured at approximately 1 year 3 months after purchase (there was a ...
    Posted to Electronic Hardware (Forum) by icelava on April 22, 2007
  • OneCare doesn't care to tell me WHAT either

    like the old saying, ''Like Father Like Son'', it seems the consumer family of Windows software also inherit the sheer unwillingness to share any information resembling usefulness to work and solve problems. Testing out Windows Live OneCare has been a walk with a blindfold at best. And trying to see what the web site has to offer is an attempt ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on April 16, 2007
  • Management Studio unresponsive opening SQL script with CLR assembly embedded as text

    The text processing engine for SQL Server Management Studio (which is really just Visual Studio) needs to change. If it opens up an SQL script file that contains .NET CLR assemblies (just one is fatal enough) formatted out as ANSI or Unicode text within, it takes an eternity of CPU screaming to open it up. I have never been patient enough to wait ...
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on April 13, 2007
  • in the end, i disabled UAC altogether

    Why? Because when such a barrier is introduced into the running of processes, even when with the programs defaulted to run as Administrator per above method, one cannot drag and drop files to conveniently open files from WE (Windows Explorer). One of the taken-for-granted features in a windowing environment is the ease of drag and drop between ...
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on April 2, 2007
  • Windows: drop the letter in the postbox, don't wait for the postman

    After decades technology experience, with well over 10 years of 32-bit Windows operating system development, I thought we were long past this. But nope, apparently Windows Vista with all its delays and quality gates spanning over 3 years, still breaks like a baby who has pooped its diapers at the most fundamental of computing activities. The ...
    Posted to Curse Diary (Forum) by icelava on March 14, 2007
  • Re: Visual Studio 2005 and Vista: you are unable to attach to the process. you do not have permission to debug the process.

    MVP Maung Maung has shown a way to set this as a default privilege: But that begs the question: Why is that in the Compatibility tab? And not in Security? Given my past experience, that tab was only used for setting up legacy applications to run in Windows XP/2003; I never gave it a thought to look in the Compatibility tab for this scenario. ...
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on February 8, 2007
  • even IIS succumbs to the easy excuse

    So after offering the electron gods a few drops of my blood and sacrificing my sleeping hours, the overnight installation I performed at home went through fine. This post is powered by Windows Vista. But funny how within a short span of time lesser than 24 hours I get the user experience in all the negative ways. IIS 7.0, the next ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on February 6, 2007
  • Cannot work? then tell me WHAT and WHY

    So sad considering just a couple of days ago I was impressed with the locked screen of Windows Vista. Now what's up with this operating system, you ask? Well, my company laptop is throwing tantrums again. This insufferable hardware continues to run the CPU to the ground with successive processes, preventing me from doing any productive work. I ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on February 6, 2007
  • Designers are _selfish_ people

    or else how would they continually produce hardware that have simply no consideration for its forseeable neighbouring devices? This year's MVP gift is an assortment of leatherizer executive items, a hard-case gift box, containing a laser pointer pen, name card holder, and the 1GB thumb drive picture above. Elegant to look at, no doubt. ...
    Posted to Electronic Hardware (Forum) by icelava on January 15, 2007
  • Just how much usability testing does the Outlook team conduct?

    Apparently not much when it comes to letting people organise their mail display in a neater way. Moral of the story: It is not just users disliking horizontal scrolling, even developers don't like to program some functionality for that too. Flatten everything you have in your hierarchy, long live the scroll wheel.
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on January 11, 2007
  • I am NOT using Live toolbar for IE

    I think Microsoft has alot of things going for it with the Live search services. They have improved quite well for me to use it in conjunction with Google; but not to the point of completely forsaking Google yet. One thing I am certainly not going to do is put the Windows Live Toolbar onto Internet Explorer. Why? This is a feature with ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on December 27, 2006
  • i _hate_ USB

    Don't get me wrong, i think the notion of USB is a really wonderful thing for humankind who use computers and electronic devices in conjuction with each other. Being really a universal interface it becomes extremely convenient to just plug a device in, install drivers if necessary, and have the OS making near immediate use of the device's ...
    Posted to Electronic Hardware (Forum) by icelava on September 4, 2006
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