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  • Review: Perfect Blue

    It is easy to become ''spoilt'' with the luxury of TV anime. Even a quarter-year season would provide approximately 5 hours of storytelling opportunity; more than twice the length of an average movie. This is why I tend to experience more disappointment than not with movies, with that strict budget of time that condenses and ...
    Posted to アニメ と 漫画 (Forum) by icelava on November 29, 2007
  • Review: Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children

    ''Final Fantasy'' should not be an unfamiliar phrase to anybody who has been entertained by quality gaming from Square Soft (now known as Square Enix) the past two decades and more. It should then not be surprising one bit for me to state that Final Fantasy VII is possibly the greatest gaming experience I ever had in my life so far. Never had I ...
    Posted to アニメ と 漫画 (Forum) by icelava on September 17, 2005
  • Review: Steamboy

    Summary: Young James Ray Steam carries the same engineering blood as his renowned professorate grandfather and father, Lloyd and Edward Steam. While both of them have been working for the O'hara Foundation in the USA for years now, Ray lives up to the Steam name by demonstrating his inherited genius on mechanical and steam contraptions in his ...
    Posted to アニメ と 漫画 (Forum) by icelava on August 8, 2005
  • Review: Appleseed (movie)

    Introduction: The world is largely burnt out wastelands after years of war amongst the human population. Nearly killed in a losing battle in one of many desolate cities, Deunan Knute was rescued by an ESWAT team and welcomed into the clean green city of Olympus, utopian home to the Bioriods (numbering half the population). Deunan soon gets to ...
    Posted to アニメ と 漫画 (Forum) by icelava on April 23, 2005
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