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  • Looking for the praise that nobody gives

    Let me begin with an anecdote concerning a moment during my first professional job. As technical support and operations staff, our contact channels with customers are email and telephone. Due to the nature of our job, we managed to convince management that professional office wear was impractical and we were allowed to dress casually. ...
    Posted to Life perspective (Forum) by icelava on February 20, 2009
  • How collaboration helps your brain

    My attention was caught by this article How Marriage Helps Your Brain from a recent MSN Health newsletter. Not that I was interested in marriage itself; who really wants to divide income and expenses into half, and listen to the your other half nag daily about important things in life when all you wanna do is dodge responsibilities and enjoy ...
    Posted to Life perspective (Forum) by icelava on April 29, 2008
  • Re: If it ain't broke, don't fix it

    In his article Predictions gone wrong, Aaron Tan runs through a list of famous short-sighted blunders uttered out of the mouths of historical figures. The underlying message is all too strong and inescapable: There is always a better way of doing things. Just because you cannot envision it or produce it, does not mean somebody else ...
    Posted to Professional (Forum) by icelava on September 7, 2006
  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it

    Phil Winstanley laments over the very true very real disatisfactory working conditions young people around the world go through as they work alongside colleagues much more senior in age. And presumably, possessing more experience. Which presumably, equates to valuable knowledge. What I want to highlight is that this ''ageism'' and ''experience'' ...
    Posted to Professional (Forum) by icelava on September 6, 2006
  • Knowledge in the world

    A friend has been kind enough to lend me his copy of The Design of Everyday Things, a book I have been longing to read for its reputation for one of the most lauded books in object designs for human use. I am still not done reading, yet, and probably wouldn't want to (and don't need to) write a review for it. What I do wish to jot down here is ...
    Posted to Life perspective (Forum) by icelava on October 31, 2005
  • Do not undermine yourself

    A common style of self-discouragement I witness in the Internet is the use of adjectives in nicknames that describe one's level (or more accurately, lack) of experience and knowledge. Prefixes/suffixes with ''beginner'', ''newbie'', ''novice'' abound and should be no strange phenomenon to anybody who frequent online communities.While I believe ...
    Posted to Life perspective (Forum) by icelava on June 5, 2005
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