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  • Administrator command prompt here

    The thing that behaves strangely for my copy of Windows Vista is the ''Command prompt here'' trick always brings me to C:\windows\system32 instead of the directory I am working at. I am not too sure how Windows got lobotomized, but I ended up taking the good old Registry-hacking route in order to get my beloved and ugly Command prompt window. I ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on May 28, 2007
  • Authentication anomalies with Team Foundation Server

    It has taken me four long days (or nights, if you will) to finally install a working instance of Visual Studio Team System's Team Foundation Server. The stackable reasons that cause such a lengthy procedure for me include : The target server is a virtual machine hosted via courtesy of Virtual Server 2005. Getting the guest machine to access the ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on December 8, 2006
  • unable to start debugging on the web server ?

    After developing and debugging ASP.NET sites for years now, I encounter a seemingly old yet rare issue that I have not been slapped with before. Running (F5) the web site off VS.NET 2003 yields the ''unable to start debugging on the web server. you do not have permissions to debug the server'' error message on my company laptop. Suggestion is to ...
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on October 31, 2006
  • Release that drive! Whoever!

    And so I scream whenever I, trying to be the Good Citizen of safe computing, encounter the ''xxxx volume cannot be stopped right now'' error whilst stopping the device that is my external USB drive. And that happens like 95% of the time. Actually, I am a pretty quiet and calm person and thus never yell and scream. I just walk downstairs and ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on November 1, 2005
  • Using Windows as a non-Administrator

    First let me admit I am still running as an Administrator user But that should not stop me from continuing to keep tabs on security issues involving the usage of Windows to accomplish daily tasks and work. Today I found Aaron Margosis' blog site that is a stash full of non-Admin documentation. Worth any security-minded person's time.
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on August 25, 2005
  • Slipstream SP1 into .NET Framework 1.1

    Deon Spengler explains the steps to prevent you from having to waste time performing mulitple instances to keep a Framework installation up to date. For (my own) convenience's sake I'm gonna paste it here. Download the .NET Framework 1.1 Extract the contents of the .NET Framework to a folder - you can do this by running dotnetfx.exe /t:c:\temp ...
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on June 14, 2005
  • Digital faxing with GFI FAXmaker

    To add more history to the experience of finding a good faxing solution, we were originally looking at a pure-software solution when our customer approached us regarding their faxing needs. I think it would be unfair not to mention the initial near-perfect solution we proposed. The existing infrastructure sports Active Directory (2000) and ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on December 1, 2004
  • Windows XP SP2 limit TCP connections

    Take note when you install SP2 for Windows XP, it will actually put a cap on the number of simultaneous TCP connections your OS can make. This does not bode well for those who running peer-peer software or multiple networking applications together. Use the following registry script, save it as TcpNumConnections.reg, and merge it into your ...
    Posted to Software (Forum) by icelava on August 25, 2004
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