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  • Error 112 Unknown server tag 'asp:ScriptManager' 'asp:UpdatePanel' on Windows 7

    Ah, the joys of running legacy code on a modern computing environment. Roughly every three years we get laptop refreshes, which may sound just about right from hardware progression timelines. The natural and unavoidable side effect of that is operating system is clean again. Meaning, we lose all those years of custom software installations and ...
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on December 22, 2011
  • Visual Studio .NET 2003 web projects: Unable to retrieve folder information from the server

    Just the other day I was attempting to relook at an old web project stuck in ASP.NET 1.1 and Visual Studio .NET 2003. Have retrieved the source files from my Subversion repository into a separate Windows XP machine, I hit an error attempting to open up the web project. Unable to retrieve folder information from the server I looked around ...
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on August 23, 2009
  • Signs your colleague may not be a good developer #4

    <INPUT class=''button'' id=''fpUploadFile'' type=''file'' size=''50'' name=''fpUploadFile'' runat=''server''> What does the HTML tag above represent? That's right, a control for a user to tell the browser to upload a file on his/her computer to the web server on page submit. Now, how should you react when the web developer taking care of ...
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on June 2, 2009
  • Error WDP00002: missing section

    So today, or last night rather, I finally got down to seriously look at this wonder trinket the ASP.NET team provided as a cool add-in project for Visual Studio - Web Deployment Projects. The one true feature that really had me excited was the ability to define multiple sections in web.config as replaceable, so different builds for different ...
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on October 16, 2007
  • Why login page appears bland

    It was only recently did I start tinkering with the ASP.NET 2.0 Theme feature to supply the pages and controls with styling via CSS files located in the App_Themes directory. It never dawn on me back then, why the login page - the application's using Forms Authentication - always appear unstyled despite the resultant HTML source exhibiting the ...
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on August 9, 2007
  • Scott Guthrie's Tips, Tricks, Recipes and Gotchas

    All ASP.NET 2.0 informative goodies collected in a single catalogue area.
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on September 21, 2006
  • DotNetNuke vs SharePoint

    Bil Simser deals out the text for a good lengthy overview regarding the differences (and similarities) between DotNetNuke and Microsoft's SharePoint. Mental note: read it completely, some other time.
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on February 7, 2006
  • Taking ASP.NET 2.0 application offline

    Scott Guthrie has detailed the use of the app_offline.htm file to have the ASP.NET 2.0 runtime uniformly display an ''under maintenance'' message for all application pages in a web application root directory. Notice I say ''application pages'' as that only affects requests for .aspx pages by default. If one wishes to ''mask'' out any existing ...
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on October 10, 2005
  • Using ASP.NET Runtime to make HttpWebRequests behind proxy

    Finally discovered the issue that made my development XML requests from my laptop's ASP.NET web application to a remote web server providing the XML document unsuccessful. Here's the scenario: This public site of mine has two web applications - the main and this Forums. The main is able to display new threads in this Forums application via ...
    Posted to Software Development (Forum) by icelava on July 29, 2005
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