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Live Messenger broken after Windows Vista SP2

Last post 05-28-2009, 10:30 by icelava. 0 replies.
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  •  05-28-2009, 10:30 5723

    Live Messenger broken after Windows Vista SP2

    I know I'm cursed, the lightning rod for all the chance strikes that could have turned me into a billionaire if all these probability math worked for me when it comes to lotteries. But no, this time round I blame Microsoft!

    Yeap, and so Service Pack 2 was released to the masses via Windows Update yesterday. I acted on it without hesitation given my liberation with Internet bandwidth. I trusted it would work all ok. Perhaps only the remotest and obscure of applications might face odd problems with this update. I thought wrong.

    After the system restart with SP2, all things worked except for Windows Live Messenger.

    Windows Live Messenger broken after Windows Vista SP2


    Windows Live Messenger. Network connection problem which did not exist prior. Aw well, only twenty seven people use this unpopular IM program anyway. Not.


    As if deliberately trying to frustrate you, the invitation to troubleshoot and try to find out what the problem is...... comes round to mock you. No problem! Must be PEBKAC!

    Connection looks ok after Windows Vista SP2

    Not only that, after exiting Messenger, it refused to launch again. Ever. Even after reboot. I took the initiative to reinstall the Windows Live tools and managed to get it launched. But it still would not make contact with the MSN mothership. Attempting Microsoft's own support suggestions for this error condition still did not help.

    So SP2 breaks one of the most common use cases in today's computing. Very nice. Now I am stuck to running Live Messenger on my laptops instead. Ah, the benefits of running multiple machines at home.

    I am beginning to be convinced I can make money from software vendors by attracting and exercising software into all those unusual defects and abnormalities.

    UPDATE 29 May 2009

    Probably the silliest of workarounds in all computing - in order to get Live Messenger on this desktop computer of mine to connect occasionally, I have to first make a connection using one of my laptops (2009 version of Live Messenger allows multi-location sign-ins). Just how absurd can that be....

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