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Work performance terms

Last post 02-19-2004, 19:57 by icelava. 0 replies.
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  •  02-19-2004, 19:57 292

    Work performance terms

    Maybe I should put this is the Professional forum instead Wink

    1. Good Communication Skills: Spends lots of time on the phone.

    2. Average Employee: Not too bright.

    3. Exceptionally Well Qualified: Made no major blunders yet.

    4. Active Socially: Drinks a lot.

    5. Family is Active Socially: Spouse drinks, too.

    6. Independent Worker: Nobody knows what he/she does.

    7. Quick Thinking: Offers plausible excuses.

    8. Careful Thinker: Won't make a decision.

    9. Agressive: Obnoxious.

    10. Uses Logic on Difficult Tasks: Gets someone else to do it.

    11. Expresses Themsleves Well: Speaks English

    12. Meticulous Attention to Detail: A nit picker.

    13. Has Leadership Qualities: Is tall or has a loud voice.

    14. Exceptionally Good Judgement: Lucky.

    15. Keen Sense of Humor: Knows a lot of dirty jokes.

    16. Career Minded: Back Stabber.

    17. Loyal: Can't get a job anywhere else.
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