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Time to put to sleep

Last post 01-31-2008, 0:02 by icelava. 0 replies.
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  •  01-31-2008, 0:02 2317

    Time to put to sleep

    Pet owners dread these moments. Your beloved pet, which had always been loyally sticking by your side since it was a little pup or kitten or larvae. Through the years it given you cherishable moments of joy and play, as well as frustrating moments of cleaning the carpet or bedsheet. But still you showered it with love and care. Then it grows old. It falls prey to illness and disease. It becomes weak, and straggles around in pain. You do all you can to ease its suffering, but with the vet's opinions you know the most difficult yet most logical thing to do is put a bullet through its head. So that it suffers no more.

    Well, I don't own a pet. But it might as well be here. In the past seven years my mechanical horse has served me well, going places with me on its back in quick fashion. A means of transport that truly suited my purposes. All this while I have been challenged with a variety of mechanical difficulties with it, but most of them have been overcome with proper maintenance (which previous owners probably did not do a good job) and I have been fairly satisfactory. Until these past few months.

    As it approachs the end of its life (in COE context) this year, it almost seems magically that it yearns for the grave. Last year was a bad year in terms of weather. The amount of rain that poured was simply ridiculous. Since I park in the open, it has seemed that this outpour throughout the year has had an accumulated and adverse effect on its waking health. It just became more and more difficult to start the engine when the weather is cold. Take note - this is tropical hot Singapore we are taking about here. On a number of occasions I have had to call in the tow truck because there was no nearby hill for me to roll it down for a push start. I have only managed to avoid calling everytime by the lucky fact that my house is almost at the top of a hill.

    So what's the big deal? Let the mechanics sort it out! Yup, exactly what I thought too. Only that I have already sent it down four to five times and they have no problem starting the engine. Being a software developer is difficult. Anybody who has been in intense touch with software and a close communication link with its developers will probably know of the frequency of incidents where developers are unable to reproduce the problem; it is not easy to discover the problems without knowing the exact set of data and flow of events that trigger such cases. I guess as a vehicle mechanic, there is a whole different plane of difficulty that comes into play.

    How does one induce the Earth to provide the exact weather conditions to reproduce the problem?

    Looks the term "works on my computer" has some applicability in other fields.

    Last year I did consider monitoring COE prices with intention to extend this bike for another 10 years. This year I can give up the idea.

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