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Cannot work? then tell me WHAT and WHY

Last post 04-16-2007, 22:34 by icelava. 2 replies.
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  •  02-06-2007, 5:45 1448

    No [N] Cannot work? then tell me WHAT and WHY

    So sad considering just a couple of days ago I was impressed with the locked screen of Windows Vista.

    Now what's up with this operating system, you ask? Well, my company laptop is throwing tantrums again. This insufferable hardware continues to run the CPU to the ground with successive processes, preventing me from doing any productive work. I swear, if this was a construction site rather than a corporate office, I'd have quickly sought out a toolbox and performed Hammer of Justice.

    It is 90% certainty the problem lies in the hardware, the CPU in particular. But at this point, short of requesting for a replacement laptop, there was one other alternative my colleague suggested - install Windows Vista and observe the behaviour.

    What the heck. I am already losing productive work time, might as well give it a try. Some "trial runs" to uninstall low-level software (e.g. DVD-RAM driver; Daemon tools), and I embarked on the pilgrimage to attaining better clarity over my system.

    And it is no spoilt-brat, shelthered attitude of mine that led me to open a section dedicated to woes and misfortunes that befall me. The installation upgrade procedure is a very long one; having waited by my desk and read up significant sections of one of my books, it still wasn't done copying files. I decided to take a reading walk downstairs to buy some contact lens solution. Upon coming up I am greeted with a nice dialog box that the installation "encountered an error and therefore cannot continue. The previous operating system will be restored."

    Hmmmm. Perhaps it still needs more space on C: (i had disabled Hibernation on the first attempt). I shifted the page file over to D: and tried again. This time round, I sat down by its side. Almost like a frightened child working away to appease the parent with the cane, my laptop struggled for hours through the files copy and expansion process and finally up to the stage when it was "Completing Upgrade". By then, it was already knock-off time and my colleagues were packing home.

    Having not done any work meant for today, I decided it was time to head out to grab some dinner in. On the way down I joked with a homebound colleague my curse will kick in to destroy my installation.

    Sure enough, the error dialog appeared again. Like an adventurer hero trying to slide through the gap of the closing trap door, I met the fate of 99.99% of people who fail to escape fast enough and get smacked by the door. So close....

    So it says an error was encountered, and the upgrade cannot continue. Hey, WHAT situation did you encounter? And WHY does it prevent you from continuing? Why don't you explain, so that I can look into the matter, and hopefully rectify it so you can do your work? I am sure the Windows installer team has encountered a flood of problematic situations that can cause installation to fail, and must have done hard work to ensure resiliency and continuity of the installation. So why not provide some account when something catastrophic happens?

    And all I can do is, rollback. Yea, at least I gotta hand this one to the team - I can revert by to Windows XP and continue to work (overtime), rather than left high and dry in no operating system's land.

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  •  02-06-2007, 22:50 1449 in reply to 1448

    even IIS succumbs to the easy excuse

    So after offering the electron gods a few drops of my blood and sacrificing my sleeping hours, the overnight installation I performed at home went through fine. This post is powered by Windows Vista.

    But funny how within a short span of time lesser than 24 hours I get the user experience in all the negative ways. IIS 7.0, the next generation spanking sexy web server takes over IIS 5.1 in the upgrade. Good riddance. The only problem is, the ASP module is installed; the SSI module is installed; the CGI module is installed. But not the ASP.NET module.

    Of all things, the contemporary development platform cannot be added, but the legacy (and dirty) ones are. Trying to get it in through Windows Features yields

    [Window Title]
    Windows Features

    An error has occurred. Not all of the features were successfully changed.


    So it is not just the installer team that does away with elaborate, descriptive, useful error messages. Not a single piece of information to lead me to understanding the nature of the problem and start troubleshooting. The software gives up. Should I too?


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  •  04-16-2007, 22:34 1475 in reply to 1448

    OneCare doesn't care to tell me WHAT either

    like the old saying, "Like Father Like Son", it seems the consumer family of Windows software also inherit the sheer unwillingness to share any information resembling usefulness to work and solve problems. Testing out Windows Live OneCare has been a walk with a blindfold at best.

    And trying to see what the web site has to offer is an attempt in vain.

    Clear description? Of how the OneCare program didn't offer a hint of information on what is causing the problem? I think these Microsoft teams go out too far in their bid to design user-friendly interfaces. This type of effort makes it power-user-unfriendly, and cripples the ability of experienced people a great deal. Somehow the lesson that designing software that allows users to fix problems themselves is A Good Thing was lost in the process, and Microsoft preferred that they bear all the burden themselves to getting OneCare to work properly. Nice way to devote surplus time and money.

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