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Integrity of the Warrior

Last post 09-20-2006, 2:40 by icelava. 0 replies.
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  •  09-20-2006, 2:40 1366

    Integrity of the Warrior

    I recently began reading Tim O'Leary's Warriors, Workers, Whiners, & Weasels: Understanding and Using The Four Personality Types To Your Advantage out of sheer curiosity when made available in Books 24x7.

    Even before laying eyes on the text I knew I was a combination of Warrior-Worker-Whiner traits, so it would be interesting to know more about Warrior properties and lose some of the whining for the past.

    Thanks to short crisp, hard-hitting messages and not beating around the bush, the author has seen me through to chapter five which begins to catalogue the "toolbox" of a warrior. The very first tool:


    Tim O'Leary says everything is for naught, no matter how capable you are, when people doubt your word and distrust you. He laments today's fabric of society is not one based on trust, respect, or honour. Nowadays the vast number of systems put into place to ensure people will remain honest is just saddening - just think about all the legal terms and agreements you have had to deal with in just your own personal life. The natural assumption is people lack whatever sense of integrity and seek every opportunity to exploit a loophole.

    This reminds me of an incident back in 1998, when I was buying new hardware components for a PC I would use while studying in Australia the coming year. After assembling the PC and enjoying the then-spanking performance, I double checked my expenses and realised I had spent less than my actual procurement. Tracing through the receipts I found I was not charged for video card, which was probably some S$400.

    I returned to the store to make payment.

    I was then labelled a stupid idiot by a friend.

    So this era's society is bred upon the skill to promptly identify loopholes created by others and take full advantage for one's own gain, and laugh with joyful glee at their mistakes thereafter. If you do not do so, you are scorned at, a shameful outcast and a failure of humanity.

    (ok, so that was a joke)

    But the sigh-inducing expression is unavoidable. People appear to have lost heck alot of justice and righteousness as to what exactly they can claim as their own or cannot. It so seems as long as "it won't get me into trouble" or "I won't get caught", the auto-permissability of the act follows.

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