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i _hate_ USB

Last post 09-04-2006, 22:59 by icelava. 0 replies.
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  •  09-04-2006, 22:59 1360

    i _hate_ USB

    Don't get me wrong, i think the notion of USB is a really wonderful thing for humankind who use computers and electronic devices in conjuction with each other. Being really a universal interface it becomes extremely convenient to just plug a device in, install drivers if necessary, and have the OS making near immediate use of the device's functionality. Sweet.

    What is not sweet, but terribly bitter is the physical design of the USB port. So awful that I am motivated to write this complaint in the middle of work. And it is not just this particular laptop I am working with right now, but all machines under my possession that featured at least one USB port.

    USB ports and connectors due to the design of their oh-so-sexy rectangular shape are inherently not secure. They deterriorate way too fast, getting way too susceptible to accidental nudges, loosening way too easy. That means disconnection of devices follow. Extend this connection to a USB hub and a multiplication factor enters the formula for excessive mental pain.

    Computer hardware designers need to learn a lesson or two from console game platform designers and make connector shapes that are reliably secure. Not force us to light a whole motherboard in petrol out of frustration.
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