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Everything by 10-points

Last post 08-07-2005, 7:56 by icelava. 0 replies.
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  •  08-07-2005, 7:56 1056

    Umbrella [um] Everything by 10-points

    Figured I should once and for all put down in writing my preference for the 10-point (or Star, if you like) rating system when reviewing, saving myself repeatable explanations for the rest of my life.

    There are many ways to rate things in life, and by all means nobody really has to follow and adhere to that of another's. Remember that.

    In all the general rating schemes we regularly get exposed to, I find grading at a 10 point scale to be the best balance in granularity. Simply take a look at other common schemes:
    • percentage rating
    • 5-point scale
    Humans are terrible at accuracy, let's face it. That's we why are fascinated by dart throwers with consistent bullseye or archers able to strike down flamingoes a mile away. The same when it comes to figures on paper. Slicing the grade of an item, subjective, no less, into a hundred different levels brings about serious issues with accuracy. How does one truly justify something is not 1% higher or lower than it should be? Already at ten times less the granularity we are pounded by arguments and debates of wrong ratings, so I am very uninterested in dealing with ten times more the confrontations. Such precision measurements should best for things for technical in nature.

    On the other side, most 5-point systems I see are a faux. How often do you read something that is truly great, but yet still not perfect enough to deserve that holy full 5 points? Often enough to be give 4.5 points of stars. Duh? Isn't that effectively a 10 point system? This just proves 5-points in a scale is lacking the needed granularity of differentiation.

    But why the desire to complicate matters by introducing decimals? Not to say that I am so dumb decimal or fractional math is something I struggled with at school, but making/producing things more complicated than it should be is an unfortunate trait of humanity.

    "You know a system is perfect not when you have nothing to add, but nothing to remove."

    "I don't have time to write a short letter, so I am writing a long one to you."

    Geniuses have demonstrated their superiority by introducing simple solutions to what otherwise the rest of us will formulate with clunky and meshy labyrinths.

    Ok, back to the point - humans deal with integers faster. Period. Otherwise a rating of 4.689 should be deemed acceptable in the 5-point scale. Correct, that means I don't issue a 7.5 grade within my system. 6 or 7, nothing inbetween. The gap is wide enough: 7 > 6, but yet close enough to know it is not 8.
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