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Re: Cardinal sin of shopping

  •  12-13-2008, 13:38

    Re: Cardinal sin of shopping

    Like a repeated offender, Linksys is fast losing my confidence in their passion to develop decent products. Notice I did not use the word "quality". Just when we thought the NAS200 cannot get any worse, it one ups, or should I say one downs itself to a new low.

    The very reason why I bought this device over D-Link's offering: the additional two USB ports to plug in additional external disks. And so I did take advantage of this feature, I guess much to the horror of the NAS200 development team. Why? Because I have a theory they were hoping nobody really use those ports. We are now in the age of 1TB external disks, and such a size was exactly what I plugged into the USB port. Initially, I was moving files in and out via the NAS200 USB link, and was "happy".

    But there was a slight issue; this Western Digital MyBook model came formatted with FAT32. Oh my. A cluster size of 32KB is rather large for my taste, and a maximum file size of 4GB is not acceptible for me; I have growing virtual machines and backup archives to store. So I plugged the disk into my workstation computer to renovate its interior with NTFS. Sure enough, a FAT32 format is actually impossible as Windows would complain the disk is simply too large for that. That means I cannot go back to FAT32 anymore; good riddance.

    Plugging the disk back to the NAS200 port, it got redetected and life was good once again. Or so I thought, until I tried writing files to it instead of reading. The disk had turned into a read-only volume. Investigating it further, the nasty news is revealed to show this NAS model's support for NTFS goes only so far just to read files. Absolutely brilliant! Perfectly sound and wise design choices! Thanks for foreseeing my destructive habits when it comes to NTFS drives, and putting a physical barrier to prevent me from writing files and damaging the disk. Woe to me! If only I would treat NTFS drives with care like I do with FAT32 volumes.

    I never saw this coming. Thanks Linksys.

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