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Self-updating software

  •  04-30-2007, 4:22

    Self-updating software

    Amazing. Pure genius.

    One of the wonders of software technology these days is the wizardry architectures that allow software to discover and apply updates to themselves. Thereby incrementally making the software (hopefully) better. However, designing such self-help software is no easy feat.

    As Skillsoft's Course Manager demonstrates how to shoot oneself on the foot. Or, step on a self-planted landmine and blow the entire leg off.

    In order to view course materials via this course management software, i have to download a file off our company intranet, and it will launch via the web browser to apply and download updates and course materials. That is, stuck in the same "updating...." dialog while javaw.exe churns the CPU into a gaseous state.

    Try to stop the process and start over? Well.....

    D:\Program Files\SkillSoft\client\OCMStart.exe
    D:\Program Files\SkillSoft\client\OCMStart.exe is not a valid Win32 application.


    Yup, there you have it folks. Software that carries suicidal tendencies and makes sure you suffer along with it.

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