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OneCare doesn't care to tell me WHAT either

  •  04-16-2007, 22:34

    OneCare doesn't care to tell me WHAT either

    like the old saying, "Like Father Like Son", it seems the consumer family of Windows software also inherit the sheer unwillingness to share any information resembling usefulness to work and solve problems. Testing out Windows Live OneCare has been a walk with a blindfold at best.

    And trying to see what the web site has to offer is an attempt in vain.

    Clear description? Of how the OneCare program didn't offer a hint of information on what is causing the problem? I think these Microsoft teams go out too far in their bid to design user-friendly interfaces. This type of effort makes it power-user-unfriendly, and cripples the ability of experienced people a great deal. Somehow the lesson that designing software that allows users to fix problems themselves is A Good Thing was lost in the process, and Microsoft preferred that they bear all the burden themselves to getting OneCare to work properly. Nice way to devote surplus time and money.

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