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Paper shredders: why exposed from the top?

  •  02-02-2007, 2:25

    Paper shredders: why exposed from the top?

    It always tickles me whenever I use a paper shredder and see the iconic symbols to precaution having the following items anywhere close to the exposed shredding blades:

    • long hair, or beards.
    • fingers that are thin enough to fit through the slot.
    • ties (especially branded ones).
    • really long necklaces that I am sure most corporate offices (places with the most amount of secrets to destroy) have that as the professional dress code standard.
    • or whatever other creative dangling accessories the shredder designers could think of at that time.

    Yes, and I am sure young children and toddlers know how to surf up the Internet to read safety guidelines before approaching shredders. 

    Now, is it me, or is it totally impossible to design a shredder unit that has a safety cover that takes in/guides paper from the horizontal front and thus prevents anything from being carelessly caught from the top?

    Is that too much to ask? How do most designers get away thinking the safest thing they can do is paste a mere warning label?

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