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Big fat pipe that does not respond = useless

Last post 03-24-2006, 0:38 by Softwaremaker. 5 replies.
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  •  01-07-2006, 23:16 1208

    Big fat pipe that does not respond = useless

    In an effort to entice customers to remain "loyal", Singnet was running a recontract promotion last December with bundles of freebies. Having the desire to get my mother a new PC so that I can reclaim the current old hardware she's using, the 3.5Mbps plan (was previously on 1.5Mbps) with a mini-desktop model seemed like a good deal.

    Until I saw that for approximately $5 more I could sign the 10Mbps plan
    and get a whooping laptop. A three-year handcuff did not seem like a big "sacrifice".

    After all, who else could I really turn to if I wanted vote with my feet? I already did that with Starhub (SCV back then). The dotted line carried my signature.

    The day of delivery was a surprisingly smooth one, despite the necessary change in modem-router-wireless hardware to make use of ADSL2 (for 10Mbps) and it's crummy documentation. I refuse to acknowledge that flimsy piece of instruction paper provided with the modem-router a manual - I could barely imagine my family reading it and actually accomplishing anything productive. No matter, I got my entire home network stable and running again fairly quickly, and I was immediately enjoy smooth video streaming rates from Google video. To date the Internet nodes with the widest canal (i.e. MSDN Subscriptions download distributor) have poured data to me between 7-8Mbps.


    But, that is supposing I am at home all the time. Being once again a fully-employed developer (I used to be a mercenary), I spend more time outside, and especially in customer sites. More time than I like. An being an IT professional (read: tech saavy), I naturally love to have some means of connecting and access my home network, especially my laptop that is the main repository of my technical communities' communication threads - a vital source of information I tap on.

    And this has been something I've been enjoy since the start of my career. Until this plan kicked in.

    The next day after, I happily stepped back to work at my customer's office, smirking to myself with the glee and giggle of a little girl thinking I'm going to enjoy a better "user experience" with more responsiveness with the extra bandwidth on my end. I connected via RDC as usual, only to find the Windows logon dialog painted halfway before it stopped responding and finally disconnected after a long timeout.


    My first thought was the router's firewall was the culprit. The 2Wire Homeportal 2700HG did exhibit an interface and behaviour that immediate distinguished itself as a non-professional firewall/routing system. Oh well, it's catered for the "normal" residential user, and it's free. What can I demand, right? I was then somewhat pleased to find out later that the firewall is actually all fine, and it is due to the network(s) the external node is trying to connect from. My customer's network is Starhub; the first person I asked to test also uses Starhub. In fact, anybody with Starhub similary failed to connect to my machine.

    Now just in case one begins to think it's a Singnet-Starhub feud, it seems Malaysia's and Canada's ISPs (at least the ones I tried) have no such problem. A friend using Comcast in USA hit the same roadblock though. From within Singnet itself, it would appear to be naturally problem-free.

    Despite a number of complaints shot out to Singnet support, they have not responded with anything. Not even a status update on what's happening. The problem persists up to now. Meaning I still cannot connect from my customer site.

    Way to go Singnet. Take your customers' money and drop them into an inaccessible network block. Now (actually, since long ago) I know what the contract is for. To explicit make claim you are going to have deficiencies in your services and you need to make customers pay for them.
  •  01-19-2006, 16:40 1220 in reply to 1208

    Re: Big fat pipe that does not respond = useless

     icelava wrote:
    ...Having the desire to get my mother a new PC so that I can reclaim the current old hardware she's using, the 3.5Mbps plan (was previously on 1.5Mbps) with a mini-desktop model seemed like a good deal.

    You got your mom at 3.5/10 Mbps ADSL deal - HOLY - What does your mother do online ? Talk about a hip Big Smile

    I have always liked Singtel ADSL. I never seldom have problems with it. And problems are usually fixed.

    However, recently ...

    Few queries:

    1) How are your doing RDC ? I assume a VPN line. In that case, hardware VPN or software VPN ? I have tried SCV and Pacific Net tunnelling into my home network (Singtel ADSL) and had no problems so far.

    2) For ADSL2, do u know if I can use the same boring 1st-Generation ADSL modem for a 10 Mbps upgrade plan ?

    3) What is the integration for an ADSL - ADSL2 line like ? Seamless plug-n-play ? Do I need to change my router as well ?
    ~Softwaremaker (BLOG)
    M. Twain: "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead"
  •  01-19-2006, 21:29 1223 in reply to 1220

    Re: Big fat pipe that does not respond = useless

    It's not just for my mother, but my entire family. The primary user of the bandwidth is, of course, me.

    RDC is plain old port forwarding, until I came into this current customer site, where port 3389 is not allowed so I had to switch RDP port to 443. And it was working all well.

    Until i got this plan, and put that Homeportal ADSL2 modem-router into use. The bandwidth is there, but the connectivity is not. On top of that, I have to separately deal with certain outgoing connections as well.

  •  02-05-2006, 20:27 1244 in reply to 1208

    Know what sucks?

    To finally roll out of the customer's site and network, return back to home base, and to be operating out of a Singnet subnet, and only to find that this block also cannot make a sustained connection back home.

    And it has been weeks since Singnet assured me they are (or were?) investigating this matter. Looks like this is a one big mysterious networking challenge for their engineers.
  •  02-21-2006, 10:58 1254 in reply to 1208


    Mystery solved.

    It has been my damned server causing the problem all these while! Last week I randomly thought of getting the router to forward incoming ports to my laptop rather than the server, and there we had it, a friend from Starhub could connect with ease. Looks like the IE surfing problem that surfaced at roughly the same time is more than just coincidental - both outgoing and incoming traffic are affected.

    Is it time to reformat my server?
  •  03-24-2006, 0:38 1303 in reply to 1208

    Re: Big fat pipe that does not respond = useless
    ~Softwaremaker (BLOG)
    M. Twain: "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead"
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