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icelava wrote the following post at 06-09-2010 7:16:

I think it is time to open a new sub-series: quoting myself.

Not that i think myself wise and great. But i make points that i do not wish to forget over time (yea i get senile pretty easily). Also, it will be fun to see how I change my perspective as I grow older.

So without further ado,

The brands and models of your tools don't make you cool. it is what you achieve with those tools that make you cool.

This surfaces from the sad fact that many people inflate their ego by flaunting their items of possession, thinking somehow mere ownership makes them cool, clever, or great. Here's news for you. They don't. Any idiot or mass murderer can own the very same items you do. It is the things you do and accomplish, that will ultimately make people notice and remember you.


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