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Softwaremaker wrote the following post at 01-19-2006 16:40:
 icelava wrote:
...Having the desire to get my mother a new PC so that I can reclaim the current old hardware she's using, the 3.5Mbps plan (was previously on 1.5Mbps) with a mini-desktop model seemed like a good deal.

You got your mom at 3.5/10 Mbps ADSL deal - HOLY - What does your mother do online ? Talk about a hip Big Smile

I have always liked Singtel ADSL. I never seldom have problems with it. And problems are usually fixed.

However, recently ...

Few queries:

1) How are your doing RDC ? I assume a VPN line. In that case, hardware VPN or software VPN ? I have tried SCV and Pacific Net tunnelling into my home network (Singtel ADSL) and had no problems so far.

2) For ADSL2, do u know if I can use the same boring 1st-Generation ADSL modem for a 10 Mbps upgrade plan ?

3) What is the integration for an ADSL - ADSL2 line like ? Seamless plug-n-play ? Do I need to change my router as well ?