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Securing lens cap while phototaking

Last post 11-19-2009, 0:17 by icelava. 0 replies.
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  •  11-19-2009, 0:17 6217

    Securing lens cap while phototaking

    Right from the start of picking up photography this year, I encountered the age old problem of where the ideal location would be to secure the lens cap. Most people seem fairly happy to keep it in their pockets, but I am uneasy about the amount of lint and dust picked up with each stay in my pockets. Or maybe i should buy a better washing machine. Another means which perturbed me even more is the drilling of the lens cap to create a small hole for a thin rope to loop through and hang off the camera body.

    There has to be better ways to do this. And so I sought what other alternatives would be achieved.

    Velcro stickers

    The initial kit and prime lenses I had when I first bought the camera where small and light. Naturally so were the lens caps. After observing how i hold the lens in both orientations, as well as the profile of the lens bodies, I recognised a "free zone" where my fingers do not touch - the upper right quadrant when held horizontally. The flat area of the lens body allowed me to paste a small circular velcro sticker. The other velcro patch went onto the outer side of the lens cap. Volia, a lens cap that sticks to its body. Some might prefer to stick it to the camera body but I personally did not recognise an area that would not interfere with my phototaking.

    Of course this is only possible when the profile of the lens body affords a clear area which does not interfere with any finger operation, or cause unnecessary shadows in close up captures. When I acquired the larger Canon L lenses, I noticed the lens body profiles as well as the heavier 77mm lens caps make velcro stickers less viable. Your mileage may vary.

    Plastic clip and cable tie

    So lasted a duration where I was back with the "pocket solution" whenever L lenses were in use. I was wondering if there was, ever some sort of two-way clip that can cling onto a larger object or strap while gripping a lens cap. I have yet to find such an "innovative" design, unfortunately. Eventually I ended up resorting to a strong plastic clip that has handle holes. I would loop a cable tie through the holes together with one of the strap loops of my Blackrapid R-Strap.

    How to secure lens cap

    This manner is much more universal; I can attach any lens cap hanging off my shoulder. It need not necessarily be on my R-Strap though; I can do the same on other strategic areas of my bags or belt. And I do not have to wear an old-school photographer vest.

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