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WWW = World Wide Wastage

Last post 03-16-2009, 22:01 by icelava. 0 replies.
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  •  03-16-2009, 22:01 5500

    WWW = World Wide Wastage

    Welcome 2009! Or to be more specific, Q2 2009!

    That's right, nearly a decade into the twenty-first century, and loving every moment of technological advancement we have developed and enjoyed for ourselves.

    In this topic particularly, how we have mind-shifted from boxy 4:3 CRT monitors into smashing 16:10 widescreen LCD goodness. All the more convincing case for my traditional opinion that the Windows taskbar should defaulted as a vertical sidebar. Not only that, we are now well into the "big screen" fad; 22-24" models are already getting considered diminutive when 30" gaming and HD video are all the rage. We are getting an increasing number of pixels to see more detail than ever. Woot.

    Except that it seems most web designers have not upgraded their monitors in the past five years. (I do not mean to single out IBM here, just using an example that illustrates the guilt of so many web sites out there) In the web, it seems WWW is taking on a new meaning of real estate wastage.

    For some reason, site layouts cannot escape the practice of hard-coding themselves into a 800x600 sardine can area. Forget whatever advantage one had with a 1440x900 desktop area.

    <!-- -------------------- Main Body START -------------------- -->
        <table width="750" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> 

    How does this look in a 2560x1600 display? I do not want to know. 

    What is worse, there are tonnes of CSS styling involved in these sites. And yet this primitive HTML construct still gets used til the end of time like how we continue to burn twigs and flap our blankets to deliver smoke signals for highly-efficient long-range communication. I suspect there is some malformed time warp occurring between the space of contemporary consumer experience and the development offices of web designers.

    Designers, listen up. It is time to dynamically flow the layout to fill the entire width of the desktop. Do not willingly blind yourselves into tunnel vision. Please stop embarassing yourselves. Really, please.

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