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I'm busy; taking my hardware out for a walk

Last post 10-10-2008, 3:45 by icelava. 0 replies.
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  •  10-10-2008, 3:45 4610

    I'm busy; taking my hardware out for a walk

    I'll never truly understand pet owners. Raising pets are mightily expensive endeavours, in my perspective. Not only do you need to dish out the money to feed, groom, and maintain the pet's well being, all that factors in heck of a scary amount of devoted time. And here I am finding not enough time to even sleep to keep my job in check. But, it might as well be that I have long gone over that line of insanity without even realising. Because, tell you a secret theory I have been habouring - I think computing hardware has the same kind of feelings and needs like organic pets.

    So some months back at COMEX I bought an external Firewire disk, with the deliberate intention changing the "under-utilised" status of my laptop's Firewire port into "scorching hot IO performance". Time to leave USB-based external disks breathing in all that dust Firewire kicks up. See ya suckers!

    Except, the sucker was me. The Firewire port is a small 4-pin port, while the disk came with a fat 6-pin connector. Huh? I soon learnt the expensive way that 6-pin connections has the additional two pins to power the external device. After a few days of trial and error (I wonder why so few people document such issues - guess Firewire ain't that popular with PC users after all), I managed to get it all working with a Firewire hub and lived happily ever after. For a month.

    Just yesterday, I plug the disk back into the Firewire hub. It's "progress bar" lights, which usually blink left to right, just lit up stuck. No disk detected by Windows. What the heck is going on? If I plug the disk with only a USB cable, that works fine. I tried the hub on another laptop which sported the same 4-pin Firewire port and that did not work either. Is the hub dead? Looks like yet another trip to Sim Lim Square. I think pretty soon Sim Lim will have posters with my face on them - DO NOT SELL YOUR PRODUCTS TO THIS CHAP! THEY WILL BREAK DOWN AND HE WILL TROUBLE YOU TO HELP.

    Now here's the messed up part. I got back to the shop, M Technic, and the fellows there are really nice people. They assisted me with Firewire woes previously and were willing to let me change the hub and test. Only this time, while doing a second round of tests, my own hub started working. Mmmmm, looks like these type of hardware needs me to carry them out into the open to get some fresh air and exercise, take a pee and poop, before they are ready to get back to work.

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