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Misconception of queue jumping?

Last post 07-30-2008, 1:18 by icelava. 0 replies.
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  •  07-30-2008, 1:18 4233

    Misconception of queue jumping?

    Ever since scrapping my bike, I have reverted back to the drudgery of public transport. It helps from time to time to remember the pain that caused me to acquire my own vehicle.

    Today, as I board the bus in queue and attempted to acknowledge myself as a customer rather than a hitchhiker by tapping my EZ-link card, a man from behind challenges my speed by quickly extending his card before mine. Y'know, like how all those kung fu flicks illustrate an intercepting pair of chopsticks to steal another's reach for a fishball or meatball. Duel ensues.

    Sorry to dull the mood, but no fight happened. I was too busy reading my book and listening to my MP3 music. Those are more important items in life that need attention. Still, I was dumbfounded by that very action. What was that man exactly trying to achieve?

    • Was I too slow? But there was another person right ahead of myself.
    • Did he have some knowledge that tapping his card first would somehow teleport him in front of me? Thereby guaranteeing a seat over me? But that would telefrag the person ahead. Giblets sure did not happen.
    • I checked my fingers and verified I was not wearing my Precious ring of invisibility today. I have not succumbed to the fad of toe rings either. So surely he could have seen that I was in front of him. Was he blind? But my curvy butt was not jabbed by any walking stick.
    • Or did I simply forget to reflip my collsion detection switch on? And he simply slipped due to lack of reactive force from an obstacle object (my body)? Unfortunately I have not located that swtich yet, otherwise I'd be staying near a bank.

    I am just bewildered. I cannot make any sense for any possible motivation. Maybe he was just senile or insane. I wished he'd periodically yell some random incorrigibles to prove my theory. The lab test was not conclusive, however.

    If that had been a plain normal person, then it probably just means he was plain inconsiderate. Which, for anybody living long enough in Singapore, does not come as a surprise. Why are Singaporeans simply so discourteous, rude, uncaring, or annoying? This has bothered me for decades, and as far as I know, it bothers alot of foreigners who come for gracious societies.

    You know, cultures that teach one to be nice to each other.

    Somehow, it escapes us. Back when I was a kid. Up to now in my adulthood. It is by and large still the same. This is only but one incident out of many. When will we grow up?

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