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99-hit combo

Last post 04-29-2008, 5:01 by icelava. 1 replies.
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  •  11-21-2007, 11:13 2058

    99-hit combo

    How is it that I frequently encounter chains of problems that arise out of the simplest of activities that stop me dead in my tracks trying to do my work? Seems like all these bugs all lie in wait to synchronise their actions and achieve a larger concerted effect to increase my suffering.

    What is the latest way to disable Windows Vista? Simple - just open a text file!

    Windows Vista is the future. There is no denying that. Good bye Windows XP. But it is not a bright future. Windows Explorer (WE) in Vista continues to self-testify over and over again as the single most unreliable piece of OS component that promises to wreck your productivity goals. I cannot believe just how easily WE coughs, chokes, and foams in the mouth, and possibly craps and piss into disabling seizures when trying to carry out the most fundamental of tasks. This is really absurd.

  •  04-29-2008, 5:01 2891 in reply to 2058

    Episode 2

    Hi again! This is your show host, icelava, taking you into yet another exciting round of Blindingly Simple Ways to Waste Windows Explorer!

    This episode, we explore (pun intended) the habits of tech geeks who grave addictions for possessing a dozen different storage devices to keep all his crucial important files in life handy, available, and redundant. Let's take two common mediums - the thumb drive, and a regular SD card.

    Any decent laptop nowadays would sport a USB slot and SD card slot. If yours does not, demand your legal rights from your boss, or quit immediately. Now, plug both devices into your Windows Vista-operated laptop. Make sure the thumbdrive has lots of wastage files and directories inside. Make sure the SD card has lots of empty space. Copy a hefty chunk of music files or pictures of celebrities caught in the act to the SD card. While the copying is under way, quickly delete that large tree of directories in the thumbdrive. Behold....

    Brilliant form of resistance from Windows Explorer! Now here is one mean way of revolt telling you who's boss of the machine! If you are lucky, the process may revive itself half an hour later!

    Stay tune for more ways to stun, smack, choke, and incapacitate Windows Vista in our next episode! Same cursed time, same cursed channel.

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