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Down! Again!

Last post 04-16-2008, 10:44 by icelava. 0 replies.
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  •  04-16-2008, 10:44 2788

    Down! Again!

    Ever got in a boxing ring with a formidable hulking opponent? To get smashed left and right with flash jabs and heavy hooks, and brought down to your knees in an instant? As you struggle to get up, skilled repeated combos ensure you have no real chance of recovery and attaining your objectives.

    I am currently posted to a project that is on the remote extremes of Singapore, a long 25Km journey from my home all the way up north. It helps tremendously that I ride a bike to cut the travel time. That is, when I have a bike to ride.

    As with so many other incidents in the past, three weeks ago, the bike starting vibrating in the middle when I move at slow speed or brake to a stop. I had to send it to the workshop to tighten the exhaust pipe fairing that had apparently broken loose. Ah, nothing beats like an old man with legs and teeth all falling apart.

    A few days after grabbing my patched bike, it then became wobbly. I should have been sharper about this, because it was the rear tyre that got punctured by a wild pin on the road. But due to experience with a previous puncture it did not feel and look the same, so it took me a longer stretch to confirm this by witnessing air hissing out as I try to maintain air pressure on it. Within a week, I had to send it back to the workshop for tyre inspection and patching (no way I'm gonna buy a new tyre just for a few more months).

    The next week, what surprise do we have in store? The part (don't know what the official term is) that controls engine boost on full throttle has gone rusty again. That means no matter how hard I ram the throttle, the engine won't get into that turbo-charged mode for fast acceleration. This time round, I am not paying my mechanics a visit; I shall have to live with this one for now.

    So, if I don't get any downtime with my bike, I am scot free right? No, I simply can't be let off so easily. In the twilight of Monday, when I should be sleeping and resting for the day's coming load of work, I wake up in searing pain all over my head. If somebody held a drill to your skull, you probably won't be able to sleep it through either. I fought with it for hours before relenting in exhaustion that the hospital was to be my first destination of the day. A jab and two or so hours in their bed hovering in and out of sleep. But at least the pain was gone.

    Three days MC issued to me. Lucky! Oh yea... right. What did that headache attack do to me? These past few nights I have not been able to have a wholesome stretch of sleep at all. I keep waking up after each short dream. None of them nice, mind you. Flipping, turning, and hugging my pillow in unnatural ways is required to fall back to sleep. With eager anticipation on what the "next short story" is going to be. Oooohh I can't wait for tonight... I cannot help but feel thrilled about the levels of exhaustion I get to endure.

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