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As it is with work, So shall it with play

Last post 02-01-2008, 0:57 by icelava. 0 replies.
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  •  02-01-2008, 0:57 2325

    As it is with work, So shall it with play

    When I finally got around to clearing my surplus leave enbloc at the end of last year, I decided to reward myself for the past half year of swamping through treacherous terrain a.k.a. project work. By purchasing hardcore keyboard and mouse to give me that decisive edge in gaming, I had high hopes of boosting myself into uberness and leetness, above all those pathetic gamers who use sub-par peripherals. Fear me.

    Diamondback 3G

    This Lycosa keyboard is wicked, on first look. Switch off the lights and witness it emit its blue glow on the keys. Problem is, the keyboard may be designed for tall people who sit and stare and the keyboard at a near 90 degrees. Crouch backward in "relax" stance, and it gets hard to see the letters clearly in the blue hue. But that is not the true issue at hand here. I digress.

    The one important lesson to learn here - an automatic assualt rifle that jams is less effective than a dagger.

    Almost all modern peripherals are USB based. The Lycosa is no exception. In fact it comes with two USB connectors, one of which is an extension for a USB port on the keyboard itself so you can plug other devices to the keyboard instead of kneeling over your computer casing. I do not know if this is a natural phenomenon among all USB keyboards or is the Lycosa way over-engineered and complicated; this model will from time to time experience epilepsy fits and undergo power fluctuations as the LEDs blink on and off. This means any keyboard input I was engaging in gets interrupted with non-inputs as the power goes off. This means death in games. This means a wipe if I was in the middle of a fight with a party or raid.

    It won't stabilise until I kneel over the casing again to replug the connector. Seems like there is no escape interfacing with casing back-panel ports. Looks like my gaming PC, which is arguably to least-troubled machine in all my years of computing, is deciding to join the rest.

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