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Huh? You're trying to insult me?? Resisted.

Last post 10-20-2006, 3:17 by icelava. 0 replies.
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  •  10-20-2006, 3:17 1395

    Huh? You're trying to insult me?? Resisted.

    For those who don't know my entertainment preferences, I love to play World of Warcraft. Before I even get to the meat of the topic, allow me to explain a facet of the game dynamics. Wait, don't walk out of the door yet; it is relevant.

    This game is a role-playing game (RPG), where the player controls a character and carry out game activities that yield experience that results in leveling - a character event that results in gaining stronger attributes, thereby the ability to perform better. Characters start and level 1 and are currently maxed at level 60.

    The difference between each level is minor, but since there are 59 levels to attain, the gap can become overwhelmingly significant. In fact, for characters that are 10 levels above one's own, their levels cannot be determined and are only marked as a skull to one's perspective. In other words, inevitable death follows if you are foolish enough to challenge them.

    Of more importance to this topic here is the issue of spellcasting. This being a fantasy game features a huge array of magical effects and other abilities. Most of them are to inflict damage or affect the target in some detrimental way in order for a player to ultimately kill them.

    Recalling the concept of levels, the higher the level a target character has over the player's character, the more chance s/he has to Resist the cast applied by the player. In other words, the player is simply too weak and cannot cast something significant enough to damage or affect the target. Think like a little girl trying to beat on a bodybuilder's muscular arm. Negligible. So try as a player might with his current abilities, but until he improves himself and level up to gain considerable power, he is going achieve as much as shooting paper bullets against a tank gets.

    Got the concept? Great.

    Turn around and observe real life now. The relationships and conversations we have with other people. Quite often we see how people argue and quarrel, and witness logic thrown out of the window only to be replaced by sheer intent to verbal assault and hurt the ego of the other party. Aggressive behaviour only begets aggressive behaviour which seldom sees an end to the cycle. I do not have to explain much on this; you have seen it and know it - people tend to be susceptible to insults and react with "accordance".

    They are affected tremendously, which shows up all too evidently in counter attacks, losing sight of what is the important issue at hand, and also losing control over themselves.

    And by doing so proves both are at the same level.

    Imagine then, if one is able to see the true value of such low-level exchange (what is actually, none), and knows how to focus on items that matter. He does not allow such worthless comments affect him and thus is not easily provoked into anger. Calm and control continues to rest in his hand. His vision unclouded by irrational emotions.

    This is the mark of a high-level being.

    He wears the shining armour able to withstand the blows of the weak, knows what carries significant weight, and therefore directs his energies to where matters most. The low-level players who only know how to deliver cheap insults that ultimately add up to zero or negative ideas are swiftly redirected to the Junk Mail folder where they belong, ignored. Until they learn to upgrade their ideas will they then stand a chance of being listened to, worthy of attention.

    In this essence, the question to you is: are you a high level character or a low level one? Are you able to Resist insults or get easily troubled in the heart by them?
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