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More japanese madness

Last post 05-11-2006, 1:54 by icelava. 1 replies.
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  •  04-27-2006, 8:49 1316

    More japanese madness

    And just when we thought we have learnt enough from the japanese on fashionable costumes for concerts, the senselessness of earth peace, the professionalism of their defence force, the bewildering unconstrainted insanity of school children........

    we must know have a bleak peek into the future of how the youth of Japan (at least the men) may turn out.

    Hard Gay ??? FOOOOOOO!


    ADD: don't just watch this single "episode". Have a look at the related ones YouTube finds relevance to.....

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  •  05-11-2006, 1:54 1327 in reply to 1316

    Re: More japanese madness

    Well in the responses I received after others have watched Hard Gay's various "outdoor performances", I think I rest assured there are still a number of us who are more or less experiencing the same wavelength of disturbance.

    Brought to my attention was that Azrael himself has commented on Hard Gay, and he more or less states it like I feel.

    This tight chap is indeed entertaining and funny. If, he is actually doing it purely for entertainment's sake. But the moments I cannot reconcile are his casual attitude to carry on in front of children. And the parents, if not nonchalant, are actually overjoyed and laughing about it. What are they thinking???

    "Heck, why did not I have such a funny guy air-humping me.... okaaaayyyyyy.... when i was a toddler??? That is just so unfair. Kids these days have all the good stuff...."

    I already have difficulty coming to terms with the gratuitous fan service that anime/manga incessantly feeds the young of Japan in overdosages. Notice i did not use the word "youth", for that level brings in a new order of magnitude teaching just what is supposed to be significant in life relationships with other people. And now we have a real life monkey running the streets demonstrating the cool path of sexuality.

    And the sad thing is, Hard Gay actually promotes some good cultural values in some of his adventures. Isn't in ironic.... don't you think?
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