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Continuous build status monitor

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Date Added: Thu, Dec 28 2006

The result of a practical session: A self-calling batch file, as taught by Dr Neil Roodyn, that repeats in an endless loop the process of

  1. retrieving the latest source code from a Microsoft VSS repository
  2. compiling the solution via VS.NET command line (
  3. running NUnit test assemblies that are part of the build
  4. colouring the console screen to green or red (success or failure) for everyone to see

Notes for applying for own use

  1. Know where your own VSS repository is located (SSDIR).
  2. Know your own version of VSS. The path included in this sample is for VSS 2005.
  3. Know the VSS path to your solution. This sample shows the solution-named directory in the repository's root.
  4. Know which version and path of Visual Studio are using - 2003 (Framework 1.1) or 2005 (Framework 2.0).
  5. Know the working folder where the solution is to be downloaded to.
  6. Include a call to NUnit console executable for each unit-testing assembly compiled in the solution. This solution built by this sample only contained one unit test project.
  7. Determine the interval length between each fetch from the repository - you are unlikely to want to do this in an endless frenzy, and the team is unlikely to check in code so quickly, so a lengthier wait should be considered - the sample does 10 counts of ping with 10 second timeouts. Please refer to ping /? for more help.

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icelava said:

For some reason the file size is report 0KB when it should be 3KB. But no fear, it exists and can be downloaded.
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