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.NET components & controls

Here you will find my experiments with .NET components and ASP.NET controls. I've decided to make this site more useful this way to perhaps be of some help to other .NET developers, instead of simply being a personal lament over the disappointments of the world.

These components are works of practice. Most are written in C#. That means they are not perfect as I'm actually still young in developer years. Please don't consider them commercially marketable software - you can use them freely in your work but don't sell them as-is. If you want free controls of an even better scale, please pay Andy Smith's MetaBuilders a visit - you'll be very glad.

In all honesty, I am pretty busy (don't just program components alone), that's why I don't have many to offer. But still, I'd greatly appreciate any constructive feedback regarding the existing components as well as ideas for new ones. I am doing all I can to learn to do things better, and this is a good avenue to exercise myself. So please do keep the suggestions and advice coming.

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