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Perusing HUGE XML content with structure intact

  •  03-14-2006, 2:50

    Perusing HUGE XML content with structure intact

    In a recent bid to tune performance when it came to processing huge XML files that can size 90-200MB, I was extremely annoyed and distressed that the regular programs I use to view XML data structured to their schema (as opposed to viewing as plain text) were all simply unable to deal with such magnitude.

    Internet Explorer, Visual Studio, FrontPage, Firefox, all sent the CPU hurtling like a fireball (literally, given the CPU heat) consuming as much RAM as they can to recreate the entire DOM. And that is even for a 700KB odd XML file. Even XMLspy chokes to death.

    Sometimes, the most useful utilities are those with little hype and branding. Asking around, one of my global colleagues recommended firstobject XML editor. They are not lying when they claim "high performance"; this program wisely avoids the conventional XML DOM approach and efficiently recreates the structure without shooting the computer with tranquilizers.

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